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Pauline Bong won Bronze Prize in the 2020 ABRSM High Scorers' Competition Grade 7 Category

Congratulations to our charming Pauline Bong who won Bronze Price in the 2020 ABRSM (Royal Schools) High Scorers' Competition Grade 7 Category. The competition was held on 15 March 2020 at Kuching Hilton. Pauline who is very hardworking and very passionate about piano playing scored disctinction in 2019 ABRSM Grade 7 Pianoforte Examination which qualified her to take part in the competition. She played Gustav Lange's BLUMENLIED (Flower Song) during her competition and received very encouraging comments from the judges.

Irene won Gold Prize again in National Grand Final - ABRSM High Scorers' Competition 2019 Grade 8 Category

Congratulations again to Irene! We are proud of you.

Irene Chia Won First Prize in 2019 ABRSM High-Scorers’ Competition (Grade 8 Category)

Our student - Irene Chia Shin Huey, scored Distinction in 2018 ABRSM Practical Exam Piano Grade 8 exam. This year she is eligible to take part in the prestigious ABRSM High Scorers’ Competition: a competition for only students throughtout Malaysia who scored distinction in their ABRSM examination in 2018. 

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